Hans Thomas Blankenbuhler (1652-1691) and Anna Barbara Schon (1664-1743)


Hans Thomas Blankenbuhler was born in Gresten, Austria, and died in Neuenbürg, Germany.  Anna Barbara Schon was born in Neuenbürg and died in Virginia.  They married in Neuenbürg in 1680.


Children of Hans Thomas and Anna Barbara:


After Hans Thomas died in 1691, Anna Barbara married Johann Jacob Schluchter (1653-1698), and they had one son named Heinrich.  After Johann's death, Anna Barbara married Cyriacus Fleischmann in 1701, and they had three children, Maria Catharina (1702-1702), Maria Catharina (1704-?), and John Peter Fleischmann (1708-?).  Anna Barbara, Cyriacus, and all of her living children from her three marriages traveled to Virginia in 1717 as part of the Second Germanna Colony.